Are you ready for summer guests?

photo credit: Pure Salt Interiors

Summer can be such a busy time filled with lots of activities and trips. It can also be a time for last minute guests.

-A visit from family or friends or a last minute sleepover for the kids.

– Birthday parties and cookouts, Special occasions and events.

-A neighbor dropping by for a play date or glass of wine.

-A last minute weekend get away or day trip to the beach or lake.

So what can you do to make summer a little easier and less stressful? How can you be ready for your guests and stop that last minute panic?

Guest Room:

-De clutter your guest room now. If it is always ready for guests then there is no last minute panic and shoving everything in a closet.

-Update the bedding and towels. Make sure everything is clean and fresh.

-Make sure the room is clean. Dust and vacuum regularly to keep the cobwebs and dust away.

-Make sure there is a working lamp or some sort of lighting.

-Check your guest bathroom inventory for soap, shampoo and any necessities guests may need.

-Have a space for guests to put their suitcase or hang up a few items.

Household Systems:

Set up household systems so that everything has a place and it is easy to maintain. This makes a last minute clean much easier.

Keep surfaces clear from clutter:

Keep main surfaces as clean as possible. Try not to use your dining room table, kitchen table or kitchen island as a drop zone for papers and other clutter. If these surfaces are easy to clear then last minute entertaining is much easier.

Kids Areas:

Create a summertime routine so that kids areas do not get completely out of control.

There is no reason for “mom” to keep spinning her wheels cleaning up all the time. Kids can be taught routines and taking care of their things; then when they ask to have a friend over no one has to be stressed and cleaning frantically at the last minute.


Summer vacations are around the corner…

summertravelSpring is flying by!  Has everyone finished their spring cleaning??  I am sure many of you are thinking ahead to the summer months and planning your next vacation.  There are many things you can do now so that your next trip is easy and you don’t  have all those last minute things to do.

Summer travel checklist:

-Go through purses, tote bags and luggage and make sure they are all empty from last trips.  Donate any pieces that you no longer use.

-Go through your toiletry bag and throw out and old expired products.  Refill travel shampoos and soaps. Make sure you have what you need for your next trip.  Make a list of anything you are missing and buy ahead of time.

-Go through your medicine cabinet and throw out any expired medications.  Make a travel first-aid kit with pain and allergy medicine, band-aids and any other travel necessities.

-Make sure your car and health insurance cards are current and keep in your wallet or car.

-Make a copy of the contents of your wallet in case it is lost or stolen.  Keep the copy in a secure place so you can access in an emergency.

-Stock your car with an umbrella, extra jacket, sunglasses, kleenex, hand sanitizer, a few trash bags and anything else you may want on the road.

-Stock your purse with a few snacks in case you get stuck somewhere and need a boost.

-Make sure your phone contact list is updated with important numbers such as doctor, vet , pet sitter, etc. in case you need to call from the road.

-Create a checklist for your next trip so you don’t forget anything.