Closet Edits


Specializing in an easy, comfortable style elevated with color and accessories.

Great style doesn’t have to be intimidating. I am here to make style fun and approachable!

I believe in editing and shopping your closet first before any shopping takes place.

Because more of us are working from home these days, I have heard so many women say they want to be comfortable and look good. I’m here to tell you that you can do both! You can wear stretchy, soft fabrics and still look put together. It’s all about being creative with your outfits. My specialty is creating interesting color combinations and adding accessories. I help you shop your own closet and think outside the box. We put together outfits you wouldn’t think of and give them that extra piece that takes them to another level. And the best part? We create outfits that fit your current lifestyle and who you are now.

By doing a closet edit first and shopping your closet it gives me some insight into what fabrics, colors and styles you are drawn to. This is super helpful in creating a wardrobe you love and in making a shopping list for any future purchases.

I can help you with brand and shopping recommendations based on your likes, dislikes and your budget. Some of my clients like to shop secondhand and that is a great way to save money and discover new brands.

As life changes our style evolves. We all need a little help sometimes.

I have helped many women in mid life transitions; divorced, widowed, empty-nesters, new careers.

Sometimes you find that your style just doesn’t feel like you anymore. And sometimes you don’t even really know what your style is! Having an objective opinion and someone to help that has a new perspective can make all the difference.


The Process

  • Goal is to create a more functional and streamlined closet
  • Help you to make decisions on which clothes to sell or donate
  • Create shopping lists to help fill in any missing “holes” in your wardrobe
  • Mix and match existing wardrobe to create and style new looks
  • Create outfits that fit your lifestyle
  • Assist with packing for trips
  • Organize your closet in a way that is beautiful and easy to maintain
  • Shop your closet


The Benefits of a Streamlined Closet

  • Be inspired to look your best
  • Build your confidence
  • Eliminate decision fatigue
  • Save money and time spent on shopping
  • Have some outfits styled and ready to wear
  • Love your clothes again