About Me

I live in Chapel Hill with my husband and 2 spoiled pups. I have a Fine Arts degree and have always been creative. Over the past 15+ years I have help many clients with a wide array of projects, however I realized I was happiest when I could use my creativity and artistic background. My passion is helping women style outfits and add those finishing touches to a home that make it feel complete.

I want to take the stress, overwhelm and frustration out of your day. I want you to have a home and wardrobe you are proud of that feels easy and represents you.

My specialty is finding the perfect accessories and finishing touches that represent your style!

I truly believe you can create a wardrobe and home you love on a budget. I can teach you to shop with intention. I can help invest in quality instead of quantity and even give you tips to shop secondhand. Once you know your style you can be more mindful of what you spend your money on and bring into your home. When you are much more intentional with your purchases you will find your home and wardrobe much easier to maintain; And most of all you will love your style again.