Holiday Decorating

christmas reindeer decor by professional organizer christmas tree decorations

One of my favorite things to help clients with is Holiday decorating!  Everyone has their own unique style and holiday traditions which makes each house different and fun.

Most of us have acquired quite a collection of Holiday decorations but each year there is always a temptation to add something , change a theme or update a look.  Holiday decorations don’t always have to be expensive. There are plenty of ways to spruce things up without spending much except for your time. (which I realize many of you are probably short on)  But for those of you that are up for a little DIY decorating here are some creative ideas I have found over the years.

-Look at catalogs and magazines for inspiration to create the look you want

White lights can make quite an impact-they can be used in jars, vases, hung from the mantel. (there are some great battery powered lights for those of you that don’t have easy access to an outlet).

-A can of spray paint can transform almost anything!  If you have some decorations that need a face lift, maybe you have changed your color scheme?  Basically if you like the shape of something but not the color just spray paint it and make it work with your decor. (vases, candlesticks, wine bottles, etc.)

-I have seen many things recently on Pinterest on how to make snow covered jars-a little glue and some epsom salt.

Tree branches that have fallen in your yard could make great miniature trees. Stick the branches in a bucket of sand or rocks and cover the bottom in burlap.  Then spray paint the branches white, add a little glitter or some white lights and you have a tree! (this would be great for a front porch)

– A little burlap, raffia or ribbon can add just the finishing touch to something.

-Buy some silk fabric for a tree skirt.  It is a fraction of the cost and looks beautiful.

-Buy inexpensive garland and add your own ribbon and other embellishments. This looks more custom and high end and it reflects your own look.

-Go to the dried flower aisle and pick out some great pods and pine cones to add into your tree, wreaths or garland.