Is your home a constant source of stress and anxiety?

Organizing and editing your belongings is the first step to create the home you have always wanted. I can help you look at your home from a different perspective and evaluate what truly matters.

I want your home to be easy to maintain and work for your current lifestyle and needs. Eliminating excess is the key to creating household systems that will work for you on a daily basis.

During the organizing process I help you to identify the things that truly make you happy. Keeping things out of guilt or “just in case” creates a cluttered home of items you don’t need or use.

I love helping clients streamline their homes and in the process we define your personal style. I like to repurpose anything from furniture to decorative items to keepsake mementos in new and exciting ways. Displaying things that are truly important to you will create a home that is uniquely you. You don’t need to go out and buy a bunch of new decor. Less is often more.

Once you are able eliminate the things that no longer serve you, it is so much easier to style and organize your home.

Could you use some help with organizing your home?

  • Does your home reflect the old you?
  • Have your kids moved out and left all of their stuff behind for you to deal with?
  • Have you inherited items from a family member and are having trouble letting anything go out of guilt?
  • Has your lifestyle changed and your house no longer functions like it used to?
  • Have you gotten a divorce or experienced a lifestyle change and you feel stuck and overwhelmed in your home?
  • Has your home become a major source of stress that you find impossible to maintain?
  • Do you look around your home and nothing brings you joy?

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