How to create a peaceful bathroom


What does elevating your bathroom look like?

There are so many ways to make your bathroom feel more like a spa. More spacious, relaxing and peaceful.

Over the years I have organized so many bathrooms. It is one space that can easily get cluttered and chaotic. But with a few simple changes you can make your bathroom feel so much better. It starts with de cluttering and simplifying your products. Next comes the fun part…accessorizing and styling your bathroom. We want your bathroom to be easy to maintain but it can be beautiful as well.

Tips for creating a spa like feel:

-Upgrade your towels to a matching set. Get rid of any old scratchy towels that are falling apart. You deserve better! Add some hand towels with a waffle weave texture to create that spa like feel.

-Add real or battery powered candles.

-Bring the outdoors in by adding a real or fake plant or flowers.

-Choose a favorite fragrance of some sort in the form of a reed diffuser, fancy soaps or a room spray. Something that smells fresh and clean.

-Elevate your countertops by using glass or ceramic canisters for things like q-tips, dental picks and cotton balls.

-Add some color and texture by using a decorative tray, decorative bowls or a basket on the top of your counter for items you need out for daily use. I love repurposing items you already own in new and creative ways.

-Designate a drawer or basket for self care and pampering for things like masks, scrubs and bath salts.

-And the not so fun but necessary maintenance to keep your bathroom feeling good:

-Toss any expired products. Old facial products and old makeup can cause breakouts.

-Take everything out and wipe down your drawers and products.

-Simplify your beauty routine. Let go of those products that just didn’t work for you and now you feel guilty about tossing them. If they are new and in a pump or spray form you can always donate them to a women’s shelter.

-Use drawer liner or drawer organizers so it’s easier to keep things clean.

-And I’m going to emphasize this one! It makes me crazy..clean your hairbrushes. Pull out that loose hair regularly and wash your brush. Just grab your brush when you are jumping in the shower and add a little shampoo and rinse it off. Easy solution. (I have seen brushes with 5 years worth of hair on them. We can do better!)

I hope this gave you some inspiration… If you need some help tackling your bathroom I’m happy to help!


Simplifying your mornining routine… start with the bathroom

Organizing can sometimes seem daunting especially if you have limited time. However, an area that can have a huge impact are bathrooms. Products can pile up quickly and pretty soon cabinets and drawers are overflowing.  Counter tops end up  covered with things that just landed there.

After years of helping clients I have noticed almost everyone buys products that they don’t always end up liking. Because they spent money on that magic hair serum or beauty product they feel guilty getting rid of them.  But why should you keep things if they don’t work for you??

Take time to remove the products from your bathroom that you will never use. If they are practically new then you could give them away to a friend, family member or a charity that can give them to someone in need. If they are old or expired then toss and don’t look back!

Remove travel size items and store them in a bin out of the way as well.  Next time you pack for a trip you can go to the bin to replenish your toiletry bag.

If you buy extras of your favorite products then designate a place for “extras”. Either a linen closet or put away in a cabinet so they are not in the way of your daily routine.

Keep only what you use daily out on the counter in a small basket or a nearby drawer or shelf. This will keep your morning routine simple and quick and make cleaning your counter a breeze!