Custom creative project for my client

I finally finished my client’s living room mantle after months of collecting all these colored glass pieces.

I would call this maximalist design. It might be too much for some people but it’s perfect for my client and I am so happy with how it turned out.

There is a story behind this…

It all started last year at Christmas  when I surprised my client with a new Christmas decorating theme to go with her newly redesigned colorful living room. I collected bottle brush trees in a rainbow of colors and scattered in some colored glass with battery powered twinkle lights.

Once it was time to take the Christmas decorations down my client said she was sad and didn’t want a mostly empty mantle.

I knew instantly what I wanted to do…

Creative projects like this that are custom tailored to my clients are my absolute favorite thing to do!

I love bringing a creative vision to life! Could your home use some creativity? I’m here to help!